Friday, May 6, 2011


My journey down the path to wonderful health and a fit body has MOST definitely been a struggle, a battle…’s been an all out WAR with myself. My journey started in 2003. Yes, that’s right! I was 0.2 pounds away from seeing 170 lbs. on the scale and I couldn’t bare to let that happen. My feeling was..."Rodney (my husband) weighs in the 170's!" So my relationship with Beachbody began.

I’m so thankful to them on many levels, but mostly for giving me variety in my workouts within the comfort of my own home and teaching me how to properly fuel my body with food. What I didn’t expect back then was finding a family I didn’t know existed. Over the years, I’ve truly found another family in my life. A family who loves me like one of their own, who encourages me, who lifts me up when I feel like a “loser”, and helps me to keep on going. We are friends for life! I won’t start listing names as this family is quite large! You know who you are! If you’ve sent me a message, given me advice or encouragement, you are part of my big, wonderful Beachbody family!

Anyways...onto the purpose of this blog…

I’ve re-discovered something this week about myself and I wanted to talk about it, maybe you or someone you know is experiencing this as well about their own journey and I hope it will help.

I decided to do the 3 day Shakeology Cleanse again. I did it last year and had great results! But later that year, fell off the clean eating ladder, limited my workouts and gained 15 pounds!!! (Lori shakes head) I was 13 pounds away from my ultimate goal weight last year. But now I’m struggling once again to get back to where I was and go beyond and finally reach my goal weight.

So, last weekend I went on a short trip to Michigan/Ohio with my husband and did extremely well, food and workout wise. I felt wonderful! I brought healthy food and snacks with me, ate salads out for dinner, and bought fruit at the grocery store. Workout wise I brought my DVD’s with me and all my resistance bands and continued with my scheduled workouts! I had recommitted to pushing hard and eating clean. Avoiding gluten, sugar, dairy, caffeine, & alcohol. It was wonderful to feel back on track and to have a plan and to have succeeded that weekend away from home and not gaining any weight as is the norm.

So this past Tuesday I decided to go with the momentum I had and really take things up a notch! I started the 3-day Shakeology Cleanse….It was going great until yesterday afternoon! I began to really struggle! I found myself wanting to QUIT! With only my dinner meal (Salad & chicken) to go. Why?

Why do I get so close to the end and take the detour? Same thing seems to always happen when I schedule a workout program. Whether it's a 90 day, 60 day or 30 day....I get to the final week or two and BAM....I change course. I give up....through in the towel...QUIT! Why?

Peeling back the layers yesterday and lots of tears, I found myself attending an all out self pity party for one! I realized...I don’t believe I’ll ever see my ultimate goal weight of 123 on the scale! I realized...I’m afraid it will never happen! I realized….I don’t believe I have it within myself to succeed! Sobbing....I cried out to God to help me! To give me the strength! To help me finally win this war once and for all!

Then it happened… "Choice”… “This is not about your family, your friends, your job, or anything else.” “This is about you and YOU alone!” “This is your path!” “You know what to do!” “You have ALL the tools!” “You make the choice!” “Every’s your choice and only YOU!”

So I thought, “There's a fork in the road and I have two choices! Go down the path and quit (which would lead be back down the road to obesity)....or go down the path and FINISH WHAT I STARTED ONCE AND FOR ALL!” I don’t have to tell you what I decided! I know the reward will be so much greater down the 2nd path! I WILL Succeed!

My dear friend told me yesterday that the 2nd path ROCKS! What he didn’t realize was that that word resonated with me in a different way. You see my company name is "Straight Path Fitness". All my life’s decisions have been made with the guidance of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The ultimate life coach! The decision to start up my own fitness coaching business was no different. My favorite Bible verse over the years is Proverbs 3:5,6…“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” I chose this name, since my health and fitness has been a long winding road journey which will eventually lead me towards the straight path. Well...I never realized there would also be rocks on this path! Or as I picture it...large BOULDERS! The kind you have to push aside, crawl over or go around. LOL I’ve had quite a few BOULDERS on this journey over the years to deal with!

I take full ownership of where I’m at today! I believe God has given me these struggles in order to be the best coach I can be! I relatable one, understanding, compassionate, and straight forward. It really comes down to ourselves and our choices! My choice in my life. Your's in your life.

So where am I today? I’m on the path to my future, fitter, healthier me! With each step, I'm investing in my older self. I'm grateful that through the choices I've made and detours I've gone on, I found my way back on the right path. Sure, I’ll have more boulders to face, but it’s up to me how to get past the next one. Right now I feel like I just might throw a stick of dynamite in it and blast my way through!!! :)

Thanks for your time in reading this!

I love you all.

Blessings and hugs!

Lori :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time to Clean Out the Clutter in Your Mind, Body, Diet & Life!

Everyone's doing it! Time to get rid of the clutter!

For many people, this means going through the house and getting rid of unwanted items, taking loads to the thrift store or Salvation Army, but it could also mean letting go of unwanted things in your life (job, hobby, even an unhealthy relationship). However you're shifting, most people are letting go of old things in their life and welcoming new things--much like spring time itself!

So! What better time of the year to let go of things in your body and in your diet that no longer serve you! Here's a list of guidelines to help you declutter. Doing a few big things can really make a difference in your life.

Try following these guidelines for a week and witness the difference a little decluttering can do! Hang this HANDY DANDY GUIDE on your fridge for a week to Declutter Your Mind, Body & Life:


Relax...take the attitute of "chill out", calm the mind and body down.

* Take time out to NOT think (find a quiet area, sit or lay in a comfortable position and quiet your mind)

* Go for a walk, don't analyze

* Only think about what you're doing at the moment (not the future or past!)

* Try Yoga * Meditate

* Listen to some calming music

* Read a book

* Garden

* Work on a puzzle or do a craft

Discover what helps you relax??? Create your own "ME Time". Get and Stay in touch with yourself. All these things will help you stay balanced in your life. Accept yourself the way you are today. Love yourself (faults and all). When did it become OK to find fault with yourself???

Forgive all the false starts, failed diets & self sabotage. Forgive yourself for specific unhealthy behaviors (example: smoking, overeating, lack of exercise, sedetary life, mindlessly eating while watching TV or reading the newspaper).

Reinforce your commitment to yourself and to your goals. Tell yourself, "I AM worth it!" Do an "Accomplishment Review" with yourself. "Do you remember when?" (example: I could only lift 5 lbs. and now I'm lifting 20? I couldn't touch my toes and now I can touch beyond my toes).

Find ONE thing you love about yourself and let that be your new montra or new way of thinking about yourself. Be confident when speaking it. Examples: "I love my eyes!" "I love my skin!" "I'm strong!" "I'm honest!" "I'm loving!"


* Exercise, Exercise, Exercise: 3 days of cardio, 3 days of strength training and at least 1 session of yoga or stretching. All components of fitness are important.

* Consistency is also key! Stop thinking about it and JUST DO IT ALREADY! If you just push play instead of spending 1/2 an hour to an hour thinking about it, you'd be finished and feeling great at what you accomplished! Whether you workout in a gym or workout using at-home fitness programs like Beachbody produces (P90X, Chalean Extreme, Hip Hop Abs, 10 Minute Trainer, Turbo Jam, Slim in 6, Rockin Body, etc. etc.). (Side note: Contact me if you'd like me to help you choose a program.) Any workout is better than no workout.

* Get active, but be sure it's something that you love to do as that is the key to long term health and fitness. What will bring you back day after day?

* Even fit people have days they "don't feel like working out". But they do it anyways, 'cause they know they'll feel better after. No one ever feels worse after working out! Even commit to doing 5 minutes of a program. Five minutes is all it takes for your mood to change and be willing to continue 'til the end. You'll be glad you did! I know this first hand. Those are usually the days I have my greatest accomplishment feelings afterwards. That feeling of, "Oh my gosh...I almost didn't do this and look at what I would have missed! I feel awesome!"

* Remember with fitness that you must have variety (as Tony Horton says, "Mix it Up, Change it Up, Turn it Up!). If you are bored with your program, dragging your feet to workout more and more, it's time to switch things up. Get a new program, re-ignite your enthusiasm to exercise!

* Workout with Intensity! You're tougher than you think! Squat lower! Jump higher! Every so often, allow yourself to lift heavier to see if you can (with good form!), you may be surprised that you've gotten stronger. Women...don't be afraid of heavy weights! We won't look like the guys....they have different hormones than we do! Besides that, you won't wake up one day and all of a sudden have muscles. It happens gradually. Once you have the look you want, then all you have to do is continue to lift the weights your currently lifting and don't increase the size of those weights. Maintain. If you haven't achieve the lean, cut look your desiring, keep attempting to increase those weights and your results will come before you know it! * Take time and PLAY! Think about all the activities you enjoyed as a kid and re-visit them. Played baseball? basketball? hockey? or maybe you were like me and didn't like having things flying at me! ;)
I enjoyed riding my bike, acrobatic stuff, gymnastics, climbing, and skipping. So guess what I do now? Yep...I'm doing those things and more. Sure I'm older, it's not as easy...but it's getting easier and easier as I get fitter and fitter. AND my inner child is giggling every time!

* Plan your workouts in advance. Join the online gym called WOWY ( it's FREE and fun! Or simply use a calendar, write down all your workouts and as you complete them, cross them off with a big red X!

* Rest lots, taking naps if needed and getting plenty of sleep. Recommended average: 8 hours.


You are what you eat! When it comes to getting weight loss results or a even a well-toned body, what you eat is PRIORITY #1!

No one chooses for you. No one puts the food in your mouth, but you. Your choices affect what you will look like, how you feel, and who you will be. Poor diet affects mood, energy, strength and healthy sleep patterns. A healthy diet leads to weight loss and lowers fat stores, increased energy and recovery from workouts, maintains healthy bones, muscles and joints, reduces bouts of depression, sadness and anxiety, promotes psychological well being, reduces the risk of possibly developing and/or dying from many diseases.

* Food Intake...A must when starting out losing weight is to TRACK YOUR CALORIES. Use a book (like Calorie King) or online tracker (I prefer This will make you more responsible for food choices. It's the fastest, most effective way to "be real" with yourself.

* Eat every 3 hours, 5 to 6 times per day.

* Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime

* Don't think Diet, Think Lifestyle.....Only DO what you are WILLING TO DO for the rest of your life! Otherwise it's a diet.

* Recalculate your calories after every 10 pounds lost.

* Eat Clean, Nutrient Dense foods.

* Eat Fresh!

* AVOID eating foods that are "white" based...white flour, white sugar, white bread, etc.

* DON'T EAT foods that contain preservatives, additives, or refined oils (nothing in a box!)

* CHOOSE Whole grains, nuts and seeds, Olive Oil, LEAN proteins, Fruits and lots of Veggies. Avoid Dairy as much as possible or choose lower fat varieties. I've switched to Almond Milk which I use when mixed protein shakes or with my whole grain cereal.

* Stay away from trigger foods.

* Avoid foods high in sodium, high in fat. Avoid alcohol and caffene too.

* Consider drinking one protein shake per day in place of your meal. I enjoy Shakeology and either drink it for breakfast or for lunch!

* Drink tons of water! Ideal target is 1 L for every 50 pounds of your target weight. My goal weight is 115 - 120 pounds. This means I must drink 9 cups each day. This is hard for most people. So to start...aim for as much as you can and each week try to increase it by 1/2 to 1 cup!

* Drink decaffinated herbal teas.

* Always be prepared. If you are out all day, pack snacks and meals to take with you. Put snacks in zippy bags or plastic containers. (Kashi cereals or almonds or protein bars are great for on the go snacks)

* 9 out of 10 times, people plateau because they fall out of eating a clean diet. Remember, you can do a million crunches, but if your diet is not clean, you'll never see that 6 pack! And if you finally want to get rid of that "muffin top", "donuts", "thunder thighs", "Boo-tay!" or anything else that wiggles and giggles that you don't like, you MUST, MUST, MUST stop eating man-processed crap and start eating God-given natural foods again as well as Workout intensely. There is no way to spot reduce--if you lose body fat, it's going to come off from all over, not just one spot on your body.


* Declutter your space! Get rid of unwanted objects, old forgotten items and things that no longer serve you well.

* Spend 15 minutes per day in one area of your house. Set a timer (on your stove, egg timer, watch, etc.) Label two large boxes: Keep and Donate and have a large Trash can in the room with you as well. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes. You may even want to restart the timer for another 15 minutes. Put away all Keep items, as soon as you have a box or bag full of Donate items take them out to the car (get it out of your house) and drop them off to the thrift store next time you pass by. Trash is self explanatory.

* You cannot expect to be healthy living in a house full of clutter. Clutter has a great impact on your confidence and your mood. When your home, or your nest, is out of control and rooms don't serve their purposes, you feel overwhelmed. Your values and priorities are out of whack. All that clutter feeds a sense of low self-worth and helplessness, which leads to less motivation to change. You're caught in an unhealthy downward spiral.

* Research says that people who live with a high level of clutter are more likely to experience: Headaches, asthma, coughing and other respiratory problems, sleeping problems, allergies, fatigue and low motivation. Medications are often not effective because mold, dust, dirt, and mildew grow and thrive amid the clutter. This situation is hugely compounded when pets are living in cluttered homes. I'm not saying get rid of your pets...of course not....I'm saying get rid of the clutter!

* Organize your new lifestyle around your vision of a healthy life. Declutter your kitchen and get rid of the items you no longer use, then organize your pantry and kitchen so that they are in alignment with the vision you have for the person you want to be. Discard unhealthy fat and sugar laden processed foods.

* Kitchen tools...Empty all drawers where these currently live. Place all tools in a box or plastic container. Then as you actually USE THEM, place them back in the drawer. After a month, anything not used goes bye bye to Thrift store. (exceptions may turkey baster and seasonal items).

* Wash and spin your lettuce as soon as you bring it home and place it in plastic veggie containers. Wash your other veggies and fruits too as soon as you come home.

* Make space in your refrigerator for fresh veggies and healthy items. Clean out the bottom drawers (meant for fruits and veggies) and instead place snacks for kids in them or jar items that will fit. I put my salad dressings, mustard, pickle jars, etc., anything that won't spill out. Then place your clean fruit in a bowl on the shelf of the refrigerator (the shelf your eye goes to when you open the door). Also place your clean lettuce on or near this same shelf as the fruit. Healthier items within eye sight and less used items on the other shelves or in the drawers. This has really helped me.

* Reorganize your pantry too. Buy some snack size ziplock baggies. For better portion control, pre-portion your snacks and place them in a bowl, basket or container and place it on your new snack shelf. You may need a kitchen scale for some items. I measure out 100 calories and place them in the baggies. I do this for almonds, crackers, dry cereal for snacking, etc. This way you're not unknowingly taking in more calories by mindlessly reaching in a never ending box! Great for the kids too! And a must when you have to run...Grab and go!

* Clean your house! Get others involved in the household. Hire someone. Make an effort. Environmental cleanliness is next to bodily cleanliness, so scrub away!

OK....I think that's enough for one day! ;) I'm passionate about all these areas. If you need any help or have any questions, I didn't answer here, please, please, please contact me and I'll help you figure it out! Really it's what I love to do! It doesn't cost a dime and I really don't mind! ☺♥

Lori ☺