Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wow! It's really November 1, 2011! The past 5 months have been truly life changing. Shortly after my last blog post, I was really fired up and excited to begin another round of P90X!   I never had so much clarity or so much drive.  I really did believe I could actually succeed at this long time struggle to lose weight. 

Then, the night before I was to begin Day 1 of P90X, I had a nasty fall off the stairs on our deck and heard a terribly loud crack as I landed on the side of my left foot.  "OH NO...what the heck did I just do?"  I reached down afraid that I'd feel a bone sticking out...and tried to move it.  Thankfully, that wasn't the case, but I couldn't put any weight on my foot and it was swelling fast.  After a trip to emergency, I was told I had a nasty sprain and that it could take some time to heal.  Darn....No Plyo for me.  So Plan B was to continue to do what I could.  I could walk, modify where doable, eliminate the undoable, and go hard on the can do's. :)  Two weeks later, more problems...piriformis syndrome...and a month later....full out chronic sciatica on my right side!  Non-stop pain from my low back and into my foot.   I could barely move.  It hurt to sit, stand or lay down.  It literally felt like my flesh was being ripped off my skin or that a sword was being jabbed from my hip down my leg and then twisted.  I've never been is such pain EVER.  Not even labor pains were this bad.  So now it's November....I still have pain during the night and into the morning, but I now have more and more relief in the afternoon and evening.  I am so thankful to everyone for their prayers and support.  If it wasn't for my faith in Jesus, I don't know how I would have gotten through this.  I do feel the worst is behind me with the help of chiropractors, osteopaths, massage and unfortunately lots of drugs (can't wait to eliminate those!).

The past 5 months have brought me closer to God.  I've learned to give up some of my "control" and let others step in.  I've looked at this experience as an opportunity to learn and grow.  To adjust my priorities.  As far as my weight loss journey?  ... I now have a very STRONG desire to "get 'r done" once and for all!  Like I've said before, we are in control of our choices.  No one else.  I've made some good choices over these past few months and I've made some terrible choices and suffered for them.  My medical issues have affected my flexibilty and endurance and strength.  But it hasn't destroyed my determination.  But, I've also learned to be real.  P90X will have to wait.  I feel like I'm starting a fitness re-birth.  A NEW BEGINNING!   Start where my journey began back in 2003!  With me, my TV and my Power 90!  I'm looking ahead and not behind this time though.  I've learned from my history, but I'm focusing on today and I'm excited to see my future fit me!  A fresh start for me!  My brand new copy of Power 90 arrived, with updated books, calendar, and DVD's to mark this new beginning.  Today's a new day, a new month and the new year will be here soon.  I want to get a jump start on 2012!  

Thanks to my friends and family, my Heart of the Matter family, My Beachbody family and to Jesus!  Your support has lifted me through some dark days and I'm so glad you were there to lift me up when I needed it. :)  Love you all!

If you're interested in joining me on my 90 day journey, let me know! 

Now's the time to invest in your future you!


PS.  I'd love for you to subscribe to my blog!  I plan on posting updates throughout my 90 day plan.  :)