Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Drum roll please.....and the scale reads...


New number...lowest since joining Beachbody 6 years ago. I started when I weighed 169 lbs back in 2003. Got down to 150 lbs two years ago and for the past two years I've been fluctuating anywhere between 143 and 149 lbs. ENOUGH! 130's here I come... WOO HOO!!!

It's all about the food, people!

Avoid processed food (I use that term "food" lightly) = losing weight.
Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime = losing weight
Plan your meals in advance = losing weight
Write down what you're eating and keep track of calories = losing weight

If it didn't have a mother or didn't grow out of the ground, DON'T EAT IT!

Sure Exercise plays a part in overall wellness, we need it for all the cardiovasular benefits and we need it to build muscle, strengthen our bones, etc. All important. But if you seriously want to lose weight and keep it off for good, then you have to zone in on what you're eating. Is it real food? or Is it Chemical laden, can't pronounce the ingredients, God know what it's doing to my internal organs, non-food CRAP!?

Hey, I didn't say it was easy...look at me, I've struggled for years....I'm still struggling, BUT it's getting easier as the months go by. I'm in the best shape of my life, I have tons of energy and I'm at a weight I haven't seen in 10 years! I'm headed in the right direction and it feels fabulous!
I've found, through trial and error, what works for me! It's taken a while, but I've got it.

I'm now focus on my next goal of losing 10 more pounds to get me to 130 lbs. Then I'll reassess whether or not I want to lose anymore. I've never been "fit" and slim before. My lowest adult weight was 113 lbs. (when I got married). But I was all skin and bones. I didn't like it AT ALL! I had absolutely no muscle. Now I have muscle....so it's a whole new ball game and I'm not sure where I'll comfortably end up weight wise. So time will tell. It's been a frustrating AND an exciting journey all wrap up into one.

I'm investing in my older self....ARE YOU?

Friday, June 5, 2009


One of Tony Horton's 11 Laws of Health & Fitness is "Sport". Recently I was encouraged to think about "plugging into sport". Especially those of us who were active in sports (team or individual) as kids and then as we became adults and the busyness of life took over and we left sport out.

I've given a lot of thought about this subject over the years, in particular over the past couple of months. I, like many people, always thought of "sport" as being on a team. I used to think, I'm not interested in sports, never have, never will be. But the more I hear about "sport" the more I realize that it doesn't have to mean being on a team. It can be an individual sport. Like cycling, running, gymnastics, jump rope, swimming, etc.

When I was a young girl, I was always outside playing with my best friend, Gail Saunders. We would ride bikes all over the neighborhood, jump rope, chinese jumping, walk the whole distance along the top of the school fence (until she fell off one day and broke her arm), we would do all kinds of gymnastics all over the front yard, go swimming, climb the monkey bars at the playground, climb trees, etc. etc. Then when I was finishing up Grade 6, my family and I moved across the country. It was during those years of living in our new city that I no longer was active. My "new" friends didn't like doing those things. They would laugh at me for wanting to do "baby" stuff. I was so desperate for friendships at that age that I went along with the crowd and did the boring stuff they wanted to do. Hang out and talk about boys (ew) and listen to music. (ho hum). I lived in a very public neighbourhood and never felt comfortable "playing" in my yard. I still did headstands and handstands indoors, but my mom discouraged me from doing so due to limited space and possibly breaking something. What I didn't realize at the time was that as my body was changing into womanhood, I was losing my flexibility. Once I got into high school and realized they had a gymnastics program, I was thrilled! Finally I could do this again. But my body failed me. I could no longer do what I once did. Long story/short, I was brokenhearted and gave up. Never tried again. I secretly blamed my parents for bringing me to this God forsaken place. I still hurt from those years, but I don't blame my parents for it. I look on those years as a blessing in many ways. I am very much the person I am today because of what happened to me there.

Fast forward to now...I've been actively working out at home for the past few years and I feel fantastic! Thanks to Beachbody and my commitment to a better quality of life. Anyways, at the age of 43, I attempted a cartwheel in my backyard. I did it! Probably the best one ever done by me EVER! So I tried two more and did it! Then I didn't want to press my luck and I was feeling it in my shoulders (not to mention...I forgot how dizzy you get from multiple cartwheels). Well that just stirred up the little girl within me and I've wanted to do more. I now realize that anything is possible with practice and I intend to work on my flexibility more and more. Tony Horton has really inspired me to become more flexible. (If he can do it later in age, so can I, right?)

I've tried to find some beginner adult gymnastic classes, but there are none here. So, I'll do what I can, on my own! My goal is to do some handstands, more cartwheels, and ultimately (God willing) a walkover (or at least that's what we called them). I'll start off trying to accomplish "the wheel" (yoga posture) first.

This is one of those "I don't want to live with any regrets" parts of my life. To regain a part of my early gymnastics ability would be fantastic!

The other sports I intend on "plugging in" are cycling and long distance walking.